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I'm Maggie

let me tell you my story before I capture yours.
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creating + storytelling is in my veins.

i picked up a camera five years ago to tell my own. 

it lit my soul on fire. a flurry of online courses, traveling workshops, + a thirst for visual creativity later and now i'm here.

Finally through photo + film I found the ultimate muse. you.

being an elopement + wedding photographer // filmmaker has my heart. they overflow with raw + intimate moments alike.

and that my sweet souls, is the good shit. 


I find so much beauty in the little moments.

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the people that fill my cup.

They're loud. They're wild. They're mine.


life would be a lot less colorful + this would be a lot harder. 

My darlings keep me honest, inspired + humble. 

we keep life simple. enjoying time on our little homestead when we're not off exploring the world.

it's nothing but a beautiful mix of joy + chaos sharing this journey with them.

a few things.

+ homesteader in progress

+ i believe in soulmates

+ manifesting an elopement in rome

+ making jam is an obsession

+ usually shoeless

+ obsessed with my kid's laughter

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